Posted by: hoglesby | September 7, 2007

Post questions and ideas about 1.4/1.5

Posted by: hoglesby | August 29, 2007

Questions on hw from 1.2 and 1.3

Post any helpful ideas you may have about these hw problems.

Posted by: hoglesby | August 24, 2007

Test 1 questions

After correcting your test questions or attempting to, use the blog to discuss solutions or strategies for the problems.

Posted by: hoglesby | August 22, 2007

Welcome to the O-zone!

Hello class (if you are not in my Honors Analysis class this is probably not going to be very relevant to you)!  This is my first shot at running a blog site so be patient.  Remember the goal is to let this site be a relevant and helpful tool for you to bounce ideas around about the mathematics topics we discuss.  All other topics of conversation should be posted elsewhere.  Let me know how I can make it better.